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On the next page is a small questionaire about your treatment in the legal class action for bushfire victims who lost property or had personal injury claims. You can be anonomous if you like or leave your details

The results will be notified back on this web site. If you leave an email address we will send you a summary of the resullts. We will not use your personal contact information under any circumstances unless you give us express permission.

In addition I have set up to social media pages for members of the public around Australia to make comment as they feel free as I feel this is the only way that this message is going to get out and hopefully a more positive outcome may be achieved.

The purpose of this website is to research the satisfaction levels of the claims process for the two Black Saturday class action claims filed in the Supreme Court by Maurice Blackburn lawyers. My name is Garry Angus I have lived in the Kinglake area for 30 years. To be frank I was totally dissatisfied with the way my claim was handled by Maurice Blackburn. I made this perfectly clear in discussions in the Supreme Court to the justice that was handling the matter.
I’m endeavouring to gauge the level of satisfaction and whether you feel that you are given a fair go as a class member to the bushfire action. I’ve included a short questionnaire survey which can be filled out in anonymously or if you like you can use your contact details. These details will not be used under any circumstances other than to correlate a broad picture, possibly for further action by the in the courts or via the State government.

In addition I am attempting to raise crowdfunding to have an independent consultant advise class members whether it is feasible to take further actionHave a say on social media as you feel free.

Maurice Blackburn lawyers gouged in excess of $110 million out of the class action process whilst bushfire victims with property claims were paid peanuts.

Where's the fairness in the fight for justice the logo doesn't live up to their reputation
Some months Maurice Blackburn earnt in excess of the 1  million dollars per month for the drawnout protracted administration of the Bushfire funds. In addition legal bungling and incompetence left the class action members with a tax bill $20 million
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